Dear Mr. Mark Zuckerberg

You have removed my following Facebook post and banned me for 30 days. My post carried the screenshot of a humanitarian appeal from a father who sought help for his dying daughter urgently needing a liver transplant. Could you tell me how by sharing this humanitarian appeal I violated your “Community Standards“?

In recent past, you banned me for 3 days, charging that in connection with some posted photos I had violated copyright violations on Facebook. In fact, they all were photos of my family members, my profile picture and related others. Even my cover photo, which was made by a professional designer, was removed by you, following a fake charge of copyright violation.

I am an author and human rights activist. Could you tell me why you have begun troubling or even torturing me this way?

I am enclosing herewith whatever you have removed following charges of violations of copyright and community standards.

This is for your information that the 10-year-old sick child, for whom I launched a humanitarian campaign and in your view it amounted to violation of “Community Standards“, died yesterday. Your organisation played at least a small role in resisting the child’s free access to medical treatment. I understand that, as this innocent child has now died, your organisation is happy.


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